Oshun Mama: Sacred Workshop for Moms – Dance & Heal



🌟 Led by: Mamá Ludi, an Afro-Cuban mother of two boys, dance and yoga teacher, and founder of Mommylicious Dance. Mamá Ludi found the power for healing from postpartum depression in her African heritage. She navigates the journey of motherhood with the blessing and help of Oshun. Mamá Ludi knows how difficult it is to practice self-love as a mom, but how vital it is for mental and physical balance. If we moms are happy, our children will be happy.

Location: Alte Donau by the river, to be with Mother Oshun

🕰️ Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Dates: June 29th, July 13th, August 10th, Sept 14th, Oct 12th, 2024

💶 Price: €30 per session


  • Spiritual Connection and Healing: Engage in a deep spiritual journey connecting with the Goddess Oshun.
  • Emotional Release and Support: Experience a safe space for emotional expression and support.
  • Physical Activity through Dance: Enjoy the physical benefits of dancing while bonding with other moms.
  • Enhanced Self-Love and Care: Learn practices for nurturing self-love and inner spirituality.

📋 Workshop Includes:

  • 🌻Dance Class: Connect with your body and soul through traditional Cuban dances.
  • 🌻Mantras: Engage in powerful chants to invoke the spirit of Oshun.
  • 🌻Explanation about the Orisha: Learn about Oshun, her significance, and her blessings.
  • 🌻Healing with Flowers, Incense, and Candle: Participate in a healing ritual using natural elements.
  • 🌻Honey Ceremony: Experience the sweetness of Oshun through a special honey ceremony.
  • 🌻Gift Bag: Receive a bag with Oshun-related items like sunflower earrings and other gifts.

🌻 What to Bring:

  • Dress Code: Moms should dress in yellow, as well as their babies.
  • Towel: Bring one towel.
  • Offering: Any flower or offering like honey for the Goddess.

Join us for this sacred journey of motherhood, filled with love, spirituality, and community. Let’s embrace the power of Oshun and dance our way to self-love and balance.


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