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Introducing MamaCubana Membership Program

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of motherhood while embracing the vibrant rhythms of Latin dance? Look no further than our exclusive MamaCubana Membership Program!
valid for 6 months

Membership Benefits

10 Mom & Me Latin Dance Classes in Vienna

Enjoy access to 10 invigorating Latin dance classes together with your child, led by our expert Cuban instructor, Mama Ludi. Dive into the world of salsa, bachata, and more as you dance your way to fitness and joy. Each class is carefully crafted to accommodate mothers at all stages, from pregnancy to postpartum.

Thai Massage treatment for Moms

Receive a 15% discount on any massage treatment at Mamás Thai Massage, our partner spa dedicated to the wellness of mothers.

Mom & Baby or child Yoga

Experience the joy of yoga with your little one by your side! As a MamaVida member, you gain exclusive access to our Mom & Baby Yoga classes, where you and your child can embark on a journey of bonding, relaxation, and wellness.

Private Facebook Group Community

Join our private Facebook group exclusively for MamaVida members, where you can connect with fellow moms, share experiences, seek advice, and participate in exclusive live dance classes from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MamaVida Membership Program is a holistic fit & wellness program designed exclusively for moms in Vienna. It offers access to a range of benefits, including Latin dance classes, massage spa coupons, Yoga classes and online dance classes designed by our founder, Mama Ludi.

Joining MamaVida is easy! Simply visit our website and sign up for the membership program. Once you’ve registered, you’ll gain immediate access to all the benefits and perks of being a MamaVida member.

No, there are no additional fees or hidden costs associated with the MamaVida Membership Program. Once you’ve paid the membership fee, you’ll have access to all the benefits included in your chosen package.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Simply contact our customer support team to request a cancellation, and we’ll process your request promptly. Please note that cancellation may affect your access to certain benefits, so be sure to review the terms and conditions before canceling.

Once you’ve signed up for the MamaVida Membership Program, you’ll receive a membership card or login credentials that you can use to access the benefits included in your package. Simply present your card or log in to your account to redeem discounts, book classes, and access exclusive offers.

While you cannot share access to all benefits included in the MamaVida Membership Program, you can share access to the on-site Latin dance classes with your friends or family members. However, please note that every time a friend attends a class using your membership, one class will be deducted from your remaining balance. Other benefits such as yoga classes or the 15% discount at Mamás Thai Massage cannot be shared and are exclusive to the member.

No, children accompanying their moms to MamaVida classes do not require separate payment. Our classes are designed to accommodate moms with their children, whether babies or older kids. We encourage moms to bond and share the experience of dance and wellness with their little ones without any additional cost.

Yes, absolutely! We understand that moms may have multiple children, including twins or siblings close in age. Our classes are open to all moms with their children, regardless of the number. We welcome moms to bring both their children to enjoy the classes together and experience the benefits of dance and wellness as a family.

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These inclusions offer a holistic approach to dance and well-being for moms, providing opportunities for fitness, relaxation, and community connection.

MamaVida Membership


/valid for 6 months